About Worldview

About Kanji

About Kanji

Kanji are a strange creature living in Yamamoto.
They have always existed, though little in known about them.

Some are good and kind and wish to help people, while others are very dangerous and only wish to do harm.
About Kanji Charmers

About Kanji Charmers

Shodo is a calligraphic art which as existed for centuries.
Those who practice Shodo are known as calligraphers.
The calligraphers who use their art to tame and capture Kanji for the Bestiary are known as Kanji Charmers.
The Kanji are captured with a special writing paper known as Hanshi.
The World

The World

Look at the map of the world and you will see many different places.
Each place will have its varied quests for you to choose from.
The Stories

The Stories

There is the main story, as well as side stories.Free Battles are a great place for training and improving your battle skills.

Achieve your goals, Win the Day!

Each quest will have it's own purpose.
When you achieve that goal, you can win the battle and clear the story.
Your main purpose is to soothe and to capture Kanji.

1.Main Story

Main Story

It is important to advance along the main stories. Before and after each battle you will talk with many other people from the World.

After you clear the main story in an area you can start a new side stories or move to a new area of the world.

2.Side Stories

Side Stories

Side stories, while they don't directly affect the main story, can be used to gain special items, soothe your Kanji or learn about some of the strange phenomenon in Yamamoto.

Collect and train your Kanji through side stories.

3.Free Battle

Free Battle

In the free battles there is no story, but it is a great place to level up your Kanji, make money, or capture new kanji.
There is no limit to the number of time you spend in free battle mode.

What is Battle?

The Battlefield

The Battlefield

・ Escape
You can get away from battle.

・ HP
Your HP is the total of the HP for each Kanji in your Attack Party.
If HP is 0 you will lose the battle.

・ SP
During a battle you need SP, if your SP drops to 0 you won't be able to defend yourself from attack.

・ JP
During a battle as you receive damage your JP gage will build up.
Once it reaches full you can use a special attack.

Attack Phase

Attack Phase

・ Time left
As you battle the timer will run down.
If you want to end a battle early, tap the timer to end the battle.
Support by writing the Character!


Write the Kanji's name and help them find the strength to fight.
In order to write the Kanji's names you need SP.
The better you write their name, the stronger the Kanji will become.
Maximum Power for Perfect Penmanship

Maximum Power for Perfect Penmanship

Your penmanship will be judged bad, good or perfect.
If you write a Kanji perfectly, your power will increase. If you write a perfect Kanji twice or thrice in a row you can get a bonus.
Do your best for perfect penmanship!
Changing your Attack Party

Changing your Attack Party

By tapping on a reserve kanji, it will trade places with the selected kanji from your party.
Rather than letting one kanji become strong, use all your kanji equally to build your ability.

When you want to build up the strength of one kanji, use it more and it will get bonus EXP.
Attribute and Affinity

Attribute and Affinity

Each Kanji have their own unique attributes.
In total there are six attributes.
Each attribute has a complementing affinity attribute and a contrary attribute.

Attribute and Affinity

Fire is strong against Metal, but weak against Water.
Knowing this will affect the outcome of the attack. It is vital to pay attention to your enemy's attributes.
Use Jukugo to strengthen your attack

Use Jukugo to strengthen your attack

When the conditions are right, you will be able to use a special attack called “Jukugo”.
To use Jukugo, you must have captured the necessary kanji, and your Jukugo gage (JP) must be at MAX.
Using Jukugo doesn't end your turn.
You can still make another move after the Jukugo attack.

◆How to use Jukugo

How to use Jukugo

When you select Jukugo, your SP will be fully restored.
Next, use your SP to write the four Kanji and see the outcome.
Of course, if your penmanship is poor, your attack may not be a success.

◆Jukugo Level

◆Jukugo Level

Jukugo Level is the combined levels of the four Kanji in the Jukugo attack.
The higher the level the bigger the attack and greater the regeneration power.

So, make sure to raise level up each Kanji in your best Jukugo attacks.
Using Item

Using Item

Items can be used to refill your HP and SP, also they can be used to capture new Kanji.
Using an Item will cost one turn, so use them wisely.
Catching Kanji

Catching Kanji

Your job as a Kanji Charmer is to capture new Kanji and to build up your team.

Catching Kanji

In order to capture a Kanji you need paperweight.
Pick the paperweight from your item list, then pick which Kanji you wish to capture.

Catching Kanji

To capture a Kanji, write its name clearly and correctly.
It doesn't require SP to capture a Kanji, but it is necessary to write the correct number of strokes.

Catching Kanji

Kanji with high HP can be a challenge to capture.
They may overturn the paperweight and escape from the writing paper. You will have to try to weaken the target Kanji first or you can fill your attack party with equal or stronger Kanji.
This will make the enemy Kanji easier to capture.

The rewards are plenty!


When the conditions to clear a story are met, you are rewarded with EXP (experience), money and items.
Further, the Kanji which were captured during battle can be added to your Folio after you clear the story.
If you lose a battle...

If you lose a battle...

If your HP drops to 0 during a battle it is game over for you.
You have lost the battle.
You will also lose coins each time you lose a battle.
If you are having trouble winning a battle, consult the TIPS for a helping hand.

What is Status?

Attack Party

Attack Party

Shows you the status of your current party. You can also make changes to your party from this screen.

In the top corner is your Jukugo gage (JP).
On the right is the HP and SP of your current party (the total of the four party members).

Ave.AGI shows the average agility of your party, and Ave.DEF shows the average defense. Use these status to build a well rounded party.
Building a party

Building a party

Your party is organized from a group of one to four Kanji.
First highlight the box of the Kanji you want to include in your party.

On the left you can see the status of the former party.
You can also see these stats change as you try different Kanji.
When you are happy with a Kanji and want to add it to your party, press the CHANGE button.
About Item

About Item

There are items for use during battle, as well as items for using outside of battle, such as fusion items and key items.
Use each item at the appropriate time to win your battles and progress through the story.
Captured Kanji

Captured Kanji

You can check out stats on all the Kanji on your side.
You can order them by level or by order in which they were captured.
Jukugo List

Jukugo List

You can see the full list of all Jukugo in the game.
You can see the kind of Jukugo, as well, once you have captured the necessary Kanji, the level of the Jukugo.


When you use special items you can transform your Kanji into new Kanji.

Depending on how you combine Kanji, they will take on a new form.
You can combine a Kanji with another full Kanji or a part of a Kanji (a kanji radicle) to create different new Kanji.


You can see a list of the Kanji that are available for fusion.
Ones that appear in yellow have all the conditions needed for fusion to take place.
Ones that appear as a silhouette still require Kanji or items for the fusion reaction.

When you are ready to fuse items or Kanji the confirmation message will appear. Once you tap OK, the fusion process will begin and your new Kanji will appear.

Once you have fused a Kanji or item, the original items and Kanji will disappear from your inventory.
Also be careful if you have multiple copies of one Kanji.
Make sure you carefully choose which copy of the Kanji to use in the fusion. The different copies may be different levels.


What is Folio?

What is Folio?

The Folio is where you can check the special abilities of your Kanji.
The Kanji which you capture in battle, as well as the new Kanji you make through fusion or upgrading are recorded in your Folio.
Try and catch them all.
What is Story?

What is Story?

In the story , it is you will be able to see a replay of clear the story so far .