What is Shodo-Den?


Long long ago in that distant land ofYamamoto, there were strange and terriblecreatures, known as the Kanji.
Kanji were a wild and savage, and the peopleof Yamamoto lived in fear of them.

Until one day, a man discovered a great truth.
He was an artist by trade, a calligrapher.
He found that he could use Shodo, a form of calligraphy, to charm the Kanji, to soothe their savage nature and to capture them.

Each Kanji he charmed joined him in the questto capture all the Kanji.
He kept their names in his portfolio so he could call on them when needed.

This great man taught his art to those who would learn it,and his apprentices went out across the land, taming and capturing Kanji and recording their names.
By and by these masters came to be known as the Kanji Charmers.

Though a long time has passed since they began their work...

Tsubaki is a young woman and top Kanji Charmer of Pepper Village.
Today, like every day, she must put up with the unending attempts by the local men to win her hand in marriage.